about Snater

the designer

Welcome to my portfolio of works. 

I began as a young illustrator out of Missouri City, Tx with a burning passion for the Arts and a desire to leave a legacy among the Great Artist before me. 

As a young illustrator I was influenced by Marvel and DC Comics.  I grew up watching Bob Ross and Mike Kistler's Art Specials and would attempt to mimic what they were doing.  I aspired to be like them.  To create different worlds the way I saw it, especially through the eyes of an African American Male.  Life is definitely different. I loved create the Jetson type of World Mike Kistler would create.  I actually still have some of those old drawings.


Now, with this acquired knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, I am able to take what I do on paper, to the computer screen.  Today, I take much pleasure out of large format printing and printing my designs on apparel.  My designs are in the windows of businesses, and on Book Covers, Banners, and a number of other products and services requiring an Identity.  Seeing this warms my heart to know that Im making such an impact on my community. 


Bachelors Degree of Fine Art 

(Visual Communication)

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Creating Fine Art pieces is where my passion lies.  It's like, when I'm painting, God takes over and my creations tend to manifest themselves.

My works tend to lean more towards that of the Contemporary or Modern day artist.  I have a very keen eye for Realism so this can be seen in much of what I create.  Sometimes, I implement subliminal messages depended on what is going on in society that has a tremendous impact on me and my community, but mostly what I create begins as a vision, or a thought, that just comes to me.  I will literally wake up out my sleep and be like "No one's ever seen. . . ." Then I paint it.  At times, I am just in shock myself of what I  create, but when it comes to my Art, I have learned to "Let Go and Let God." 


I have displayed at  a number of Events and Exhibitions, from Conception Art Shows, Pancake and Booze Shows, Career Fairs with the Rhodes School of the Performing Arts, to teaching Paint and Sip Classes, painting LIVE at various lounges and displaying at the Houston Museum of African American Culture.  My Art has even had me featured in Houston's own Voyager Magazine.

Now, my focus is on building my online presence and building on a few pieces I am preparing for some Series Exhibitions I have underway, such as my Queens and Crowns Series, or my Survivor Series Acrylic Works.  

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